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Advisory Services

At Cogency, we have many years’ experience within talent acquisition, both as in-house TA leaders and senior leaders within RPOs and employer brand agencies.


We leverage our deep expertise in TA tech and assessment to transform how you attract, engage, assess, and onboard talent.

Collaborating closely with your TA team, we'll tackle their unique challenges and elevate their skills for the future.

What We Offer

Targeted mainly at high growth businesses and SMEs,

our advisory services offer  a strategic blend of experience, expertise,

and a deep commitment  to your organisation's success.

Meeting Room

How Does It Work?

Each client and project varies, but we usually start with a thorough discussion to understand your challenges and goals.


From there, we create a tailored support plan to address your challenges and enhance your team's skills, which could be a short-term project or an ongoing support system.

Our key expertise includes:


We help create fair and effective assessment methods for your hiring process that are legally sound, ensuring the best outcomes.

Branding and Attraction

We boost your visibility and attract your desired audience using strategies like EVP, employer branding, recruitment marketing, website design, content plans, and events.

Capability Enhancement

We work with you to optimise your team's performance by guiding a strategic approach to recruitment.


We help you navigate recruitment outsourcing, ensuring your solution offers the value and flexibility needed to scale your business effectively.


We assist you to scale your recruitment efforts effectively through the deployment of the right technologies.


We train your team, wherever they are in the world, to be better, more effective recruiters.

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