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Webinars and Podcasts

Decoding Gen AI: Empowering Candidates and Supercharging Recruiters

Ketan Gajjar (aka the Recruitment Curry Guy) invited our CEO Ben Jackson to join his podcast to talk all things AI in recruitment. This episode is all about the practicalities - what immediate actions can be taken, what candidates are already doing, and what this all means for both agency recruiters and talent acquisition professionals.


Breaking Down Recruitment Barriers: Is your ATS empowering your hiring process?

A streamlined and efficient recruitment process is crucial for hiring success – both for recruiters and candidates. But, how can you determine if your ATS is empowering or hindering your hiring process?

In this webinar, we’ll be looking at how you can assess whether your current ATS is up to scratch.

Why investing in candidate experience is critical for 2023

Partnering with Hollaroo, we use real-life examples to discuss all things candidate experience: why it matters, where it currently stands, measuring and benchmarking, and how to build a strong business case that demands board level attention.

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