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Harnessing GPT-4 in Recruitment: Opportunities and Challenges

While GPT-4 represents a tremendous opportunity for the recruitment industry, it also presents an immediate challenge: candidates are already leveraging GPT-4 to assist them throughout the recruitment process. In this whitepaper we explore practical measures recruiters can be taking right now to become better AI enabled and prepare to thrive in this rapidly evolving landscape.

The Cost of a Poor Candidate Experience

Written with our partners at Hollaroo, The Cost of a Poor Candidate Experience discusses the commercial impact of a negative candidate experience across every stage of the candidate journey - from pre-application right through to the employee leaving the company.  


Mental health and applying for jobs: assessing the true impact of poor candidate experience.

We wanted to find out a bit more about what candidate experience is really like for young people today. Through sharing the open and honest conversations we’ve had with the candidates, we want to help the industry understand the effect that consistently poor candidate experience can have on the mental wellbeing of job seekers. 

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