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It's all about Experience

I published a blog earlier this week as a bit of an introduction to who we are and why we are doing what we are doing. And now I wanted to talk a bit about how we do what we do. But first, let’s just have a quick think about the current stuff that is a-buzz in the world of talent (and yes, I did just use the phrase “a-buzz”).

I have been massively fortunate over the last few years to be heavily involved in D&I. Big subject, lots of momentum, but genuine, societal impact? Questionable. I am a firm believer that if you solve the “I” (the much harder nut to crack) you’ll solve the “D”. Do it the other way round, and you might generate some solid stats in the short-term but your long term goals will prove frustratingly hard to achieve.

I have also spent a lot of my time recently working in Employee Engagement. Fascinating stuff when done well. But never in my 20 years of knocking around the talent world have I come across a discipline where (in most cases) the scale of the ambition is so spectacularly outof proportion with the associated investment of money, resource and time.

Digital talent is the next big one. How do you go about finding it, growing it, keeping it? And how do you understand what the heck “digital talent” even means? Every employer (literally) that I have spoken to over the last five years has been struggling to answer any of these questions.

Flexible working, employer brand, purpose, and reputation are also all key issuesfor anyone in the talent space. Lots to think about.

The common theme here is Experience.

Experience underpins engagement: how can you maintain engagement if the systems, tools,and processes you use daily prevent you from doing your best work?

A good experience means it is easier to recruit and retain people, especially those for whomevery other organisation is competing.

An employee’s experience confirms whether or not an organisation is truly inclusive.

This is why we care so much about Candidate and Employee Experience. They are, quite simply, critical. What’s more, we believe fundamentally that these are two sides of the same coin and we consider them one thing – call it C&EX, if you will. And because we believe that C&EX is critical, we have built a model that does three things:

  1. Uses evidence to demonstrate where and what your C&EX experience issues are

  2. Builds clear recommendations based on system and process optimisation

  3. Creates a bespoke suite of KPIs and metrics to enable you to assess the progress of your C&EX

In addition, we can help with building business cases, specifying and procuring systems and training your team on new systems and processes. So why not call us? We’d love to chat and the coffee, tea, wine, biscuits and / or ice cream are on us.

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