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Launching Soon: New Candidate Experience Research Report

We obsess over the candidate experience. From technology to process, strategy to implementation, attraction to on-boarding. It’s our business to impact every touch-point for our clients.

To help our clients, we embarked on a research project to survey 400 job seekers at the end of 2020. We got under the skin of candidates from a range of different backgrounds with a plethora of career aspirations to discover how they’ve found the job market and application process in the last six months of 2020.

Candidate Experience in the Covid Economy

There are some hard truths and real eye openers for HR and Recruitment teams within the research findings. But there’s also hope and opportunity which can be exploited by those willing to invest in their candidate experience.

The full report ‘Candidate Experience in the Covid Economy’ will be launching on 23rd March 2021, but you can register now to be the first to receive it directly to your inbox.

The report features three sections which focus on Age, Gender and Ethnicity. It uncovers how the last six months of 2020 have affected different groups of people and provides advice on how you can make an impact with your talent attraction and on-boarding of new recruits now and watch-outs for the coming months.

We look forward to sharing the findings with you soon.

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