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Turning remote working into engaged working

There’s nothing we can say about what is happening right now that hasn’t already been said. Unprecedented, horrendous, bonkers, frightening. It’s like we’re at war, but with an invisible enemy.

Like many of you, here at Cogency we’re worried about the future. We launched our business in October, and things have been going really well, but already we are seeing delays creeping into the projects we are working on and new projects going on hold as everyone, quite rightly, focuses their attention on the welfare of their staff, their customers and our wider society.

One of the things that is clear, though, is that our clients, whether they are employers, recruitment businesses, tech vendors or employer brand agencies, are all working hard to keep the wheels of business moving. And we’re doing our best to help, in one area in particular: engagement.

When face-to-face contact is no longer possible, naturally we turn to technology to provide the answer. And what we’ve found again and again is that businesses often already have the tools that they need to keep their employees – and candidates – engaged. It’s just that sometimes, these tools need a bit of repurposing and a few tweaks here and there to truly transform remote working into engaged working. A bit of team communication and training goes a long way too.

Everyone has a lot on their plate right now. We’re all worried about what will happen over the coming months. We can’t help with the bigger picture, but the big picture is always made up of lots of smaller ones, and we might be able to help with one of those. If remote employee / candidate engagement, remote onboarding and new-hire integration are causing you a headache right now, please feel free to get in touch with us. We can take a bit of the load off your shoulders and make sure you can concentrate on the things that are really important.

To find out more, call Ben on +44 (0)7763 348 739 or send us an email on

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